Beth works with cities looking for practical ways to navigate the complexity of city life — to hear each other and make better cities. Author of Nest City.

To participate in the evolution of our cities and communities, city planners can no longer work the way they’ve worked for decades.

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A magical moment last summer: within moments of saying “no” to some work, an opportunity for a big “YES!” arrived only hours later.

I’ve long struggled with figuring out where I fit in the planning profession. What has been clear all along is…

When busy rescuing others or looking for others to rescue us, we miss the opportunity to renew ourselves

I’ve been scratching an itch for many weeks now. It started with an “allergic reaction” last summer to some language people around me are using to compel climate action: “be a first responder.” I continue to write as a means to scratch this itch.

We are now handling several scales…

The new diagrams we use to describe our economic, social and ecological worlds reveal connections and understanding

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I play with bowls at writing retreats: cereal bowls, mixing bowls and whatever I can lay my hands on. It started over ten years ago when I had a compulsion to organize my thoughts in a non-linear way and draw instead of write…

6 questions to ask at any time in your career in an address delivered to the Master of City Planning graduates at the University of Manitoba, June 2021

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Two big A-Ha! moments happened right after I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1995, with a Master’s degree in city planning. One A-Ha! was connected to landing my first job, the second to doing that job.

There were limited choices for…

Beth Sanders

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